OpenSplash is a free, multi-platform, open source media player that can be driven by any content management and scheduling system. Its pedigree is originally from the digital signage industry.

We think that in most signage solutions, the player just needs to be reliable, and that the vast majority just need to play video, images and text in multi-zone windows on screen. Customers most often need:

  • full screen back to back video (advertising-led networks)
  • full screen flash or static content (real estate agent or retail applications)
  • simple split screen layouts (corporate or public information applications)

They don’t generally need streaming video, scripting or specialised rendering in the player, which you usually get with higher end products.

We think that a free, open source media player will help to:

  • open up the industry
  • stimulate more interoperability between different management platforms
  • promote standards
  • enable modular extensions to be built to suit customer requirements

The development community can enhance the core player, and package their own custom additions into products.

The software has been built using open standards and is multi-platform, and it currently runs on Windows and Linux, with support possible for Android and Mac OSX. As well as running on x86 Intel processors, it can also run on other architectures, such as PowerPC and ARM.

The original code was donated by Ayuda Media Systems Inc of Montreal. They retain the trade mark “OpenSplash”.