Steering Group

To oversee and maintain community updates to the source code, a technicalĀ steering group has been formed. The steering group is currently made up of volunteers from Silver Curve, Starmount Systems, Dynamax, Ayuda Media Systems, signagelive and DailyDOOH:

Vincent Lizotte, Ayuda Media Systems
Bryan Crotaz, Silver Curve
Andrew Neale, DailyDOOH
Jorge Garcia de Bustos, DailyDOOH
Howard Smith, Dynamax
Marc Benson, signagelive
Francois Hechme, Starmount Systems

The group is responsible for controlling source code branch merging back into the main trunk. This means looking after quality control, and deciding which contributions and updates to the source code from the community should be merged back into the main body of the code. These merged contributions will then become part of the core OpenSplash sourceĀ code, available to everyone.